OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAndy Visser founded SoundThisOut in 2006 and has since worked with major international brands including Sony, Samsung, Swatch, Nokia and Dolby. His career as a sound designer blends his background as a professional musician, who trained at the Royal College of Music, with his experience in running digital media businesses.

SoundThisOut specialises in creating bespoke immersive soundscapes scaling from mobile game apps to large stadia. Working with all types of digital media, including art and film, the company aims to augment the client and customer experience through the nuance of sound.

Every brief results in a unique piece of sound design tailored to the client’s specific needs. This has included projects ranging in size from a simple three speaker array to a complete surround sound experience implemented in 64 speaker format.

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Samsung CES Las Vegas  Dolby Atmos London  Wolff A to Z of sounds Berlin  FreeState Zeitgeist Project Berlin 2012  Nokia 25 Film  Swatch EMA Dublin  Sony IFA Berlin 2011  Sony IFA Berlin 2010  Nokia Agency of Change  Sony IFA Berlin 2009  Olson Sound Art London  SpinVox Soundtracks  FreeState Wishing Well London  SpinVox Voxtones  Sony IFA Berlin 2008